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Commercial monitoring system - surveillance system

Commercial monitoring system - surveillance system

Monitor your business with state-of-the-art equipment.

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Protect your investment with an Astral Security video monitoring system

Because you can’t be everywhere at once, it’s hard to keep an eye on every aspect of your business. With this in mind, Astral Security offers a complete range of security systems that combine efficient high-definition cameras and quality digital recorders with optimal video and remote monitoring solutions.

Monitoring System - Surveillance System

Fraud Protection

By choosing an Astral Security video monitoring system, you can also protect your business from possible fraud. Fraud can be costly and cause a painfully complicated situation for you and your employees.

A video monitoring system allows to record on video the activities within and around the perimeters of your business. This recording can be stored, viewed later, analyzed, and, if necessary, used as proof.

The era of the vcr is no more

As providers of cutting-edge alarm and security systems, Astral Security’s video monitoring systems use the latest digital recorders. A digital recorder, also known as a DVR, accomplishes exactly the same tasks as a VCR but without the need for tape replacement. Images are recorded onto a hard-drive where they can be automatically stored for months on end. Moreover, DVRs provide exceptional quality digital images.

Privacy protection

Astral Security always adheres to privacy protection laws when designing and installing video monitoring systems. For more information on privacy laws, click on the following link :

Privacy Guide for Businesses/

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