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Water leak protection

Water leak protection

For the prevention and detection of breakage, infiltration or a water leak in your home.

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Astral security environmental monitoring

Water flooding, broken pipes, excessive temperature differences are just a few examples of events causing serious and costly damage to your home. Imagine coming back home from your vacation to find your basement completely flooded. Astral Security can protect you from these stressful situations with an environmental monitoring system for your home.

Environmental Monitoring - Low Temparature - Water Level

Low temperature detector

A low temperature detector is strongly recommended for second homes or for people who travel frequently. Water pipes in your home can freeze and burst after a blackout or a heating system failure. A low temperature detector connected to your security system will alert the remote monitoring centre as soon as your house temperature goes below 5°C, possibly saving you from some real trouble and strife.

Water level detector

A water level detector alerts the remote monitoring centre before water can cause serious damage to your home. Usually installed in the sump pump or in areas of your home (or second home) vulnerable to flooding, this device is a simple and efficient solution to help you leave your home worry-free.

Choose Astral Security’s environmental monitoring and be away your home with full peace of mind. Contact us for a more detailed assessment of your security needs or to schedule an installation. One of our expert consultants will be pleased to provide you with a free estimate, under no obligation.