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Home panic button

Home panic button

Report a problem quickly with an audible or silent alarm.

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Home panic button

The panic button is the ideal solution to protect the elderly, sick or disabled quickly and efficiently.

Panic Button System - Panic Button Alarm

A simple and effective solution

Its operation is quite simple. The fixed panic button is connected to the alarm system and installed on the walls, generally near the bed. It is however possible to install in different rooms or on different floors, as required. One simple press allows you to report a problem with an audible or silent alarm. The emergency services are immediately alerted to be sent to the scene.

Astral Security offers several models of simple emergency buttons to use and reliable, the LifeSentry LogicMark. This panic button takes you to the rescue wherever you are in your home. As its base is connected to the same telephone jack, its operation is easy. The cost is $299 for installation and then $20.50 / monthly.

We also offer different models of wireless panic buttons, as remote controls, bracelets, pendants or worn on a belt. These models are ideal for your protection against robberies at home.

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