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Astral Security - alarm systems for your home

Home security has never been easier thanks to Astral Security. Be sure to check out a list of our featured home security services:

Home security is important. Since peace of mind is invaluable, Astral Security offers you a complete range of high-performance products geared towards protecting you and your home.

Whether you are a condo or homeowner, or a tenant, Astral Security will design a customized home protection plan focused on your personal home security needs.

Astral Security’s home alarm systems are affordable and easy-to-use.

Why install an alarm system for your home?

When you install a security system for your house, condo or apartment, you are in fact, protecting your home. This extra protection will allow you to receive up to a 25% reduction on your home insurance premium.

For easier and more secure home protection, contact us to receive a free estimate or to plan an installation.

A wide range of products

To equip your home with a system that will meet all of your expectations and needs, Astral Security is affiliated with only the leading security systems manufacturers.

Outside the home

When you leave your home, you can ensure its security by activating your alarm system. All entry points such as doors, windows, balconies are secured, and motion detectors are connected to the system to notify you in case of a break-in. This invisible security barrier provides you with peace of mind, assuring you that your home, your belongings and your family are safe.

alarm systems for your home

Home alone or while you sleep

You will especially safe at home when you activate the outside perimeter of your security system. This activation mode allows your family to move freely within your home while still protecting against possible intruders.

Contact us for a more detailed assessment of your security needs or to schedule an installation. One of our expert consultants will be pleased to provide you with a free estimate, under no obligation.