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Wired Alarm System - Home Security

Safe and secure with an astral security wired alarm system

By choosing an Astral Security alarm system, you get the peace of mind you have always been looking for. With every system including a top-notch communication bus, Astral Security's state-of-the-art wired alarms expand according to your needs. New features and a wide range of accessories make Astral Security's wired alarm monitors even more reliable.

Among these new features and accessories are programmable outputs that allow you to control peripheral devices and wired expansion modules, as well as multi-channel communication support.

With very reliable technology, limitless expansion possibilities and a wide range of keypad styles, an Astral Security wires alarm system is the best choice for any home or business.

Multi-channel communication allows our wired systems to relay alarms in several different ways, including through a phone line, IP transmission, GSM transmission and vocal transmission.

Go for ultimate style and distinction with liquid crystal display

For design and technology aficionados, Astral Security offers several keypad models with digital and interactive liquid crystal displays. These distinctive, ultra-modern gems add a touch of luxury to your security system.

Contact us for a more detailed assessment of your security needs or to schedule an installation. One of our expert consultants will be pleased to provide you with a free estimate, under no obligation.


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