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For a connected, safe home adapted to your lifestyle.

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A connected security system adapted to your needs

Home automation makes a plugged-in, safe and lifestyle-adapted home possible. It offers your freedom and peace of mind while helping you save.

With just a few settings, your house can become a smart home. When you’re out, the lights and heating will switch off, so you save money. Your residential security system will be activated to protect your home. Upon your return, the lights will come on and the indoor temperature will already be correctly set.

There are many compelling reasons to switch to a home automation system. It’s a versatile tool that will help keep you safe and reduce your hydro bill.

Resideo Proseries Home automation

Resideo Proseries : An intelligent system designed just for you

Resideo Proseries system offers a range of leading edge products that guarantee the safety of your home and family. You’ll no longer need to program your arrivals and departures; this automated system adjusts to the rhythm of your life for hassle-free comfort.

Lyric wireless devices that are compatible with wireless bidirectional sensors protect your entire house. For a plugged-in home, be sure to have the following products:

  • Smoke detector;
  • Motion detector;
  • Glass break detector;
  • Door and window sensor;
  • Alarm;
  • Bidirectional remote control.

The Lyric controller is intuitive and easy to understand. With it, you can control your home’s residential security system, thermostats, lighting and locks. Control is at your fingertips.

Brilliant: stay connected to your home at all times

Brilliant: stay connected to your home at all times

Security, lighting, music and temperature: control everything from anywhere

With the Brilliant home automation system, you can control all your smart devices with one easy-to-use app. Whether you use a central panel or your mobile phone, you can easily set your home automation system parameters using voice or a touch screen:

  • Security
  • Lighting
  • Audio
  • and much more
Brillant: installation rapide et facile

The system is quick and easy to install in just a few simple steps. Set schedules and automate your parameters to ensure optimal comfort, even when you’re away.

Astral Security: Distributor of Honeywell’s Lyric system

Astral Security is now the proud distributor for all Honeywell Lyric devices. Contact us to learn more about this new and innovative home automation system.

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