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Access Control Systems - Access Control

Enhance security with Astral Security access control

Setting up an access control system for your business provides you with full control over area access. An access control system will allow you to limit access to certain sectors, refuse and/or control access to some individuals or groups according to their schedule and privileges. An access control system is an excellent way to enhance your existing security system. This access management device is simple to use: you or your employees just swipe a card into a card reader so that the access control system can indentify the cardholder before authorizing access to certain areas of your business.

Unlocking doors according to pre-programmed schedules

An access control system also allows you to unlock your business facilities according to pre-programmed schedules, such as daytime, night, vacation or weekend hours.

Area access with access cards and area entry monitoring

Card readers with electronic locks will be installed on your business’s important entry and exit points. These readers will identify employees, giving or refusing access to different business areas. Each user can access these areas according to their specific schedule and privileges.

A detailed printout report of access control activities and people traffic at core areas of your business

Create personalized reports that show the activities of a particular person or within an important or restricted sector. Make, save and print out your report by date, by time, by event, or by any other criteria you choose.

Real-time monitoring system

By adding a monitoring screen to your workstation, you can oversee all activities within your business in real-time. You will be instantly alerted on your screen if a door stays open too long, if a door is forced open or if a person without access privilege attempts to enter a restricted area.

Security system control

It is also possible to arm or disarm your security system automatically according to your access control system’s pre-programmed scheduling controls.

Contact us for a more detailed assessment of your security needs or to schedule an installation. One of our expert consultants will be pleased to provide you with a free estimate, under no obligation.