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Protect your home with an Astral Security alarm system

Your home and the safety of your family are invaluable. That’s why each Astral security system is planned to guarantee optimal, completely customized protection. We offer a wide range of detectors and can protect as many areas as you wish. Our advisors will help you choose the level of security best adapted to your individual environment and needs. Our systems are also upgradable; you can start with a basic alarm system and add modules as you see fit.

Home Security - Alarm Systems

The two types of alarm systems

For more information on the two types of alarm systems we offer, follow one of the following links:

Wired alarm system Wireless alarm systems

The components of an alarm system

These detectors sense any door or window opening around the perimeter of your home. This generates an entry signal that is momentarily delayed by your alarm system. This delay allows just enough time to access the control keypad in order to disarm the alarm system. Sensors installed on windows generally set off an immediate alarm as soon as the opening is detected by the alarm system.
Astral Security’s motion detectors lead the field in digital and analog technology. Moreover, our detectors are animal-proof, which practically rule out almost any chance of false alarms.
Glass break sensors are used to detect an entry through a broken glass window or door.
A keypad allows you to access and control your alarm system, from one or more areas, if needed. Thanks to our wide variety of user-friendly keypads, it’s now easier than ever to operate your alarm system. Elegantly designed by our manufacturers, our stylish range of keypads will seamlessly match your home’s decor.
Home Security - Alarm Systems - Avoid false alarms

Avoid false alarms

Most false alarms are the result of errors that occur when an owner’s keypad is unnecessarily complicated. Keypads from Astral Security’s alarm systems have been specifically designed with this major issue in mind. As a result, we provide alarm systems that are worry-free, easy-to-use and last but not least, look great.

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