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VOSKER V150 – LTE Cellular Outdoor Security Camera - ( V150-CA )

Solar Powered

349.99 $

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The new VOSKER V150 is a 100% wireless and portable security camera equipped with VOSKER built-in solar panel technology & a long lasting 10 000 mAh rechargeable lithium battery. This LTE-based cellular security device is ideal for remote area photo surveillance where access to electricity and Wi-Fi network is impossible. Receive mobile alerts right to your phone and never miss anything again. Set it up easily and let it get to work, anywhere you need it.


  • 100% wireless: Works Without Wi-Fi or Electricity
  • LTE Cellular connectivity (affordable VOSKER Data plan required)
  • Save time and money (No extra phone carrier is required)
  • Built-in Solar Panel
  • Weather-Resistant for Outdoor Use
  • Motion Activated Photo Recordings
  • Local Photo Backup on microSD Card
  • Night Vision 80 ft
  • Motion Detection 90 ft
  • Rech. Lithium Battery (10 000 mAh)
  • VOSKER SENSE AI Image Recognition
  • Instant Mobile Alerts to Your Phone
  • 7-day FREE “Elite” Plan trial
  • Preactivated SIM card, 16 GB Micro SD Card and Mounting Arm
  • VOSKER Two (2) Year Limited Warranty

WIRELESS OUTDOOR SECURITY CAMERA – Monitor remote locations from virtually anywhere with a fully wireless outdoor security camera that uses LTE cellular network connectivity instead, no WiFi required.


INCREDIBLE BATTERY LIFE – The built-in solar panel technology paired with the long-life rechargeable battery pack to deliver incredibly long battery life and the peace of mind knowing you are able to keep your property secure.


UPDATES IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND – Photos are captured when the motion-activated sensor goes into action and they are then sent to your mobile app where you can be notified that a motion has been detected and a photo captured what it was.

EASY-TO-USE – Quick and easy setup connects your wireless security camera system to your VOSKER account so you can receive photos to your phone and start monitoring the security of your property in just a matter of minutes.

THE POWER OF AI – VOSKER SENSE AI Image Recognition helps identify potential threats or security risks with simple filtering options that make focusing on security of your target location easier than ever, even when you’re on the go.


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